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Baby Changing Pad

Do I really need a changing pad for baby?

Especially for those times when a changing table isn't available, a changing pad can help keep you baby safe, comfortable and clean — and make clean-up easier on you. Ultimately, it's best to have two changing pads — a portable one to keep in the diaper bag, and one for use at home.

How long does a baby use a changing pad?

You can continue to use a changing table until your child reaches 32 inches in height—the standard length of a changing pad—which will likely be around one year to 18 months

What to consider?

There are so many options out there: How do you make sure you don't end up with a crappy changing pad? First, you need to think about materials. Your diaper changing pad either needs to be wiped clean with a Lysol wipe, or should be able to be tossed in the washing machine. After all, no one wants to hand-wash a changing pad!

Next you need to consider its use. Are you taking it with you, or are you using it at home? This will determine the size you need, and if you need it to fold up.

Lastly is cost. Spending a ton of cash on something your baby is literally going to poop all over feels like a waste to us.

You can avoid getting the contents of their loaded diapers all over the nursery (and their hands) with these top-rated picks. Whether you have a squirmy baby who can’t seem to keep still or you just need a pad that speaks to your love of all things organic, we’ve found the best changing pads to easily get you through the diaper phase ... as long as it may feel.

What kind of changing pad is best?

The PU foam Changing Pad has a contoured and ergonomic design that makes it incredibly easy to wipe down. Parents love that they don’t even need to buy covers and that the slope and curvature of the pad make for simple, no-fuss cleanup.

The baby change pad has a secure belt to keep baby safe and is soft enough to prevent too much wiggling. Parents say that their babies are so comfortable in the changing pad, though, that they feel cozy enough to hang out in it even after a change.

Custom design:

CZBROAD is the leading manufacturer which specialized in PU foam products. PU foam baby changing pad is one of our most popular products, we have produced it for Bumbo, Little Tikes, Nuby, Walmart, Costco and ALDI for many years. We can make customization, we can produce by your design, we also have designer can design for you.

Not sure where to start? CZBROAD is here to help !

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