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Baby Floor Seat

    Why choose baby floor seat?

    Baby floor seats are ideal for those who have almost nobody to take care of their babies for a while. These moms find difficulties in doing their chores. In this situation, a baby floor seat may come handy. But make sure this is for a short time, not for a long time.These floor seats help your baby keep in position and off the ground.A baby seat can keep their baby off the ground. It helps to strengthen your babies' neck and back. It is the initiative for your baby to be prepared for the high chairs.

    Features of baby floor seat:

    • COMFORTABLE FLOOR SEAT: Excellent infant seat for keeping your baby comfortable and secure during feeding or playtime with the included tray.

    • SAFE AND SECURE: A sturdy floor seat will keep your baby safe as they sit. The best seats have a wide base to prevent tipping. A safety belt or harness will secure your child in the seat so they can’t fall out.

    • WIDE BOTTOM BUCKET: Allows for comfortable and spacious seating with an extra-wide base, U-shaped leg opening, and plenty of arm room.

    • ANTI-TIPPING DESIGN: Structural bottom design created for maximum stability so this seat won't flip over no matter how wiggly your little one is.

      Custom design:

      CZBROAD is the leading manufacturer which specialized in PU foam products. PU foam floor seat is one of our most popular products, we have produced it for Bumbo, Little Tikes, Nuby, Walmart, Costco and ALDI for many years. We can make customization, we can produce by your design, we also have designer can design for you. 

      Not sure where to start? CZBROAD is here to help !

      Let's work together to anticipate and meet your customers' expectations. Developing a new PU products is easy when you work with CZBROAD.
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