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PU Memory Foam Pillow

What is memory foam made of?

Memory foam is a type of synthetic material called viscoelastic foam. It’s different from other foam because it has more resistance, making it an ideal material for mattresses.

It's soft and durable, with heat-wicking abilities that provide support for aching joints. This makes it popular with sleepers of all body types and sleep styles. Memory foam also comes in different levels of firmness, so you can find a mattress that works for your sleep habits.

There are 7 major benefits of using a memory foam pillow:

1、It retains contours

The pillow distributes weight evenly, relieves pressure, and helps with neck and back pains.  As a result, the pillow guarantees perfect cushioning and support for your upper body and hence better night sleep.

2、It can relieve back pain

If you always wake up with some neck or back pain, it means that your pillow is failing you.

A memory form pillow provides the help you need to sleep in the best position. It takes the natural curve of your spine, ensuring that you enjoy your sleep time without straining.

So, if you suffer from neck, shoulders, or back pain, a memory foam pillow will help to relieve the aches, giving you a fresh morning.

3、it's energy absorbent

The turning, tossing, and restlessness of your sleeping partner on a foam pillow will have little or no impact on you.

4、It accommodates a wide range of sleeping preferences

It does not matter if you nap on your side, back, or stomach; memory foam pillows come in different shapes and sizes to meet individual sleeping preferences.

5、It reduces snoring

From traditional rectangle pillows to curved orthopedic models for side and back sleepers, foam pillows got you covered.

6、It's hypoallergenic and hygienic

Memory foam is manufactured from a synthetic material that naturally prevents the growth of bacteria, fungus, and dust mites, making it a safer and hygienic choice for everyone.

7、It's durable

Memory foam pillows are denser than regular cushions making them long-lasting.

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