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Yes, You Should need a Anti Fatigue Standing Desk Mat

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The Standing Desk Mat from czbroad is 100% high-quality polyurethane foam, with a durable integral skin that's pebbled for a sublimely comfortable experience.

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5 Benefits of Anti Fatigue Standing Desk Mat

Reduced compression

Standing on hard surfaces for long periods compresses your feet, spine, and weight-bearing joints. Ultra-soft surfaces aren’t ideal either—they’re too unstable and you can end up sinking through them and feeling the floor underneath anyway. A good anti-fatigue mat will provide stable support as well as enough give to take the strain of your body.

Improved Circulation

That compression from standing on hard surfaces causes leg muscles to tighten, restricting blood flow. Your calf muscles act as a kind of second heart when you walk and move, helping pump blood back up your legs to your actual heart. When these muscles become stiff and tight from standing, their pumping ability is reduced, making your heart work harder. This is one reason prolonged standing is associated with heart problems.

Save the Knees

Your knees can also suffer from too much standing. These large, complex joints may be amazing at helping us move around, but bearing a lot of weight and compressive force for long periods of time can strain the ligaments, tendons, and muscles that keep them functioning.

Actually Sit Less

Having a standing desk doesn’t necessarily mean you end up sitting less. Studies show that on average, people still end up sitting more than they should, even when they have the equipment to help them stand more. Why is that? Probably because standing can be tiring and uncomfortable. But with an anti-fatigue mat to go with your awesome desk, you’ll be more likely to get up off your rear more often.

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